Where is the Hope

Some can not find Hope due to the conditions in which they live. In your hometown, your city, your country, your world people die daily from starvation due to the lack of food available. This applies to both material food and spiritual food. How can you help? What is awaiting at the other side of the rainbow? 

 Several need to discover that each person has a ministry. Individual efforts to fight the world hunger situation we face must be addressed with all that you are given. You can personally deliver groceries to those in your city. Others have been Blessed with no time, yet have finances which they can share so others can distribute food. Many have no extra money, yet they have God's greatest gifts which are spiritual. Use what God's given to feed the needy, both Physically and Spiritually. Please let the Holy Spirit be your guide! AS you are obedient to the Lord, no matter how much or how small your time allotment or gift, you can be used of God to change the world! 


In the midst of a typical week we receive news about all the negative things happening around the world. Whether this be viruses online, or other direct attacks from the satanic forces which are present in our world, we ask now for you to share with us a word of testimony! God is moving, preparing His people for the last great Spiritual Awakening prior to His return.  Please send us email of what the Jesus is doing in your world, how He is changing your life! Let us unite in praise and thanksgiving for our Lord reigns supreme. Shout it to the heavens, Jesus Christ is King of all creation.  


How Can You change the world?

What will be your Legacy?





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Who are the Children of the Night?


Please as you have time read the following books of your Holy Bible. This should take only a short time for you to read but the message is very important.  After reading reflect in prayer over the verses and ask God how they apply to you, your Church congregation and our world. The importance of knowing God, and knowing the season of time we are in is critical for each Child of God for preparation. 

READ : James, Jude, Revelation Chapter 1-4 

Additional reading: 1st Peter, 2nd Peter, Matthew 24 & 25

YOU are individually accountable for your choices in the season that approaches and we encourage you to reflect in prayer to God. Listen to your heart. 

Please pray for A.M.I.  In being a frontline ministry we have faced direct attacks from the unseen forces, from darkness hidden as light. Pray as well the Father's will be done on earth as it is in heaven. For only by His love, and through His favor and authority, can we be used to share the message of God's word. We must unite in God's love and by God's Spirit with all who desire to follow Jesus by faith, by His word, in His hope. NO compromise as the Biblical word is real and it is and shall always be our guide for each season in our changing world.  


The Children of The Night

Oh… They’re running in life, reaching for shelter from the rain

Wearing the scars of neglect, with tears that stain

Where’s the compassion, to comfort the their pain?

Now they’re lost, they’re lonely, Alone… The Children of the Night


***Chorus***   Open your eyes, look at this shame; You can see hope in a world full of sin

Reach out your hand, feel the pain; You can give hope to a dying world

The guide has been written, Let the Spirit be your guide

In helping the Children of the Night….. In helping the Children of the Night


Now the street is their playground, and your trash is their grain

No vision left in life, each day remains the same

With little to hope for and nothing to gain

Oh… they’re lost, they’re lonely, Alone… The Children of the Night

*** Repeat Chorus


Their friends have grown weary, the strong become lame

With fear that’s forgotten, is life but a game

Looking for solutions, hope to wash away their shame

Yes… they’re lost, they’re lonely, Alone… The Children of the Night

 ***Repeat Chorus


© 1-31-95 Tom Chapman / Find Hope Ministries  

Excerpt from Phyllis Kilbourn's powerful book,


"Today, children are a "silent" emergency. They are silent because they are hidden within the bowels of society, with no means to raise their voices and speak out in their own behalf. They have no organizations lobbying for them, nor do they have the ability to organize themselves to protest their lot in life. If someone doesn't speak out and act on their behalf, their difficulties will escalate and their destinies disappear. If the children of the world could speak for themselves, what would they be saying?

* 200 million of us who are under the age of five suffer from chronic hunger. Every day 35,000 of us die because we do not have enough to eat.

*More than 25 million of us don't have any place to call home. We live on the streets.

* Millions of us are working up to 16 hours every day of the week in deplorable conditions and paid almost nothing.

* In the United States alone, more than three of us die each day as a result of child abuse.

* My parents had to sell me because they couldn't afford to feed me.

* My parents forced me to beg on the streets to buy them drugs.

The list of horrifying atrocities against children would fill a book. In the past 10 years, 1.5 million children were killed in wars. Four million were blinded, brain damaged or permanently maimed. In Brazil, children are shot on the streets because they are pests. In Africa orphaned children roam the streets, bellies swollen, eyes vacant, hope gone. Why? In several warring countries, boys as young as six are kidnapped into the army and forced to commit horrible crimes. In nation after nation, including the United States, children are disposable as diapers and annoying as  buzzing flies. Why? Perhaps this generation of children is being oppressed as no other has ever been because they are chosen. Could it be that as  we approach what many consider to be the end of time, this youngest generation is the generation chosen to announce the second coming of the  Lord? Since ministry to children was never more important than it is right now, why is so little attention given to evangelizing and rescuing the world's children?"

Help us bring the message of HOPE to the young people of this world! Do what you can in your city to be the Light of Truth.

Please email Find Hope Ministries


Where is the Hope?

The Hope that we have is not in who governs us, or what great works we do as nations... The only true Hope that we Have is the Power of God working in the Hearts of His Children........ (Charles Colson)

Each one, sharing, giving, caring as you are the Vessels which Jesus uses to share His Gospel Message. God is love, In Spirit and in Truth...it takes you, your individual gifts and talents to allow God to assemble His Body, His Church to Feed The Needy of our world!

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